The primary applications are high-voltage transformer bunds, portable bunds for flammable liquids, and the storage and transportation of flammable liquids.

Liekkiloukku® fire protection grating can be used with all types of bunds for flammable liquids, allowing safe movement, service access and storage above the bund. In addition, Liekkiloukku® fire protection grating guarantees that any accidental fires involving liquids will be put out in under seven seconds – compare this with the three minutes it takes a stone pit in the SP Borås tests.

New product

We have developed the new Liekkiloukku® bund for use with residential and distribution transformers. The Liekkiloukku® bund includes an oil spill containment structure and fire-suppressing Liekkiloukku® fire protection grating with optional transformer plinths available.

The Liekkiloukku® bund is compatible with all sites, old and new. We can significantly improve the fire, occupational and environmental safety of a space by catching spilled oil and extinguishing any fires that may start.