What is Liekkiloukku®?

Liekkiloukku® is a new type of fire protection grating for flammable liquids. Developed in-house at Fintekra, the product also functions as a walkway and working platform in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 14122 standard. Liekkiloukku® offers a novel and innovative means of extinguishing accidental fires involving liquids.

  • Liekkiloukku® –fire protection grating is used to extinguish burning liquids. It is suitable for bunding in general, e.g. for transformer and portable bunds, as well as for use in the transportation and storage of flammable liquids and substances.

  • The grating has been tested with transformer oil. Future tests for more readily combustible substances are in the works.

  • Liekkiloukku® –fire protection grating is built to the specifications of the current standard as a level surface that allows water, snow and potential oil leaks to pass through to the bund below but extinguishes any fires and prevents them from spreading up through the grating.


Liekkiloukku® allows burning liquid to fall through and extinguishes the fire below the grating. Liekkiloukku® requires no additional chemicals or mechanisms to function. The innovative design of Liekkiloukku® forces a fire to make the conditions under the fire protection grating unsuitable for continued combustion.

Combustion requires a sufficient supply of heat, fuel and oxygen. Removing any one element will stop a fire. Using fire gases, the structure of Liekkiloukku ® forms enough positive pressure under the grating to prevent oxygen-rich air from reaching a fire through the grating. Once a fire under Liekkiloukku® grating has exhausted the oxygen in the air to a concentration of 16 per cent, the fire will go out.

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