Technical specifications

  • Walkway and working platform (SFS-EN ISO 14122)

  • Fire suppression in seven seconds

  • Liquid flow 950 L/min/m2

  • Static working load 2 kN/m2

  • Point load (200 × 200 mm) 1.55 kN

  • Snow bearing capacity 2 kN/m2 (upgradeable)

  • Module weight 27 kg/m2

  • Liekkiloukku® unit weight with support structure ≈ 40 kg/m2

  • Load capacity customisable according to customer needs

  • Can be installed without turning off transformers

  • Quick to install: one square metre module, installed with just four screws

  • Easy access below the grating

  • Galvanised steel construction (SFS-EN ISO 1461)

  • Continuous galvanised structure, zinc on zinc with screw joints

  • Extremely easy to earth (for example, only 30 earth connections required for 245 m2)

  • Tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, test report VTT-S-3916-17

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland



Liekkiloukku® has a two-part structure with an SFS-EN ISO 14122 compliant walkway grating and a fire protection element fixed under the grating. The fire protection element is made of sheet metal with four slanted sides and a slotted bottom.
The grating acts as the load-bearing structure while the fire protection element suppresses fires and controls the pressure and flow of liquids.
Thanks to this dual construction, Liekkiloukku® is impact-proof and has excellent fire suppression properties. It also acts as an effective heat exchanger, dissipating the heat released by a fire.


The benefits of Liekkiloukku®

Liekkiloukku® provides a safe and hassle-free walkway and working platform in compliance with the current SFS-EN ISO 14122 standard that also acts as fire protection grating for fires involving liquids. Liekkiloukku® is designed to be self-cleaning, and it stays non-slip even when wet or oily. The structure of Liekkiloukku® redirects streams of liquid, ensuring that all environmentally hazardous substances are safely trapped in the bund underneath.
Liekkiloukku® is made of hot-dip galvanised steel, which makes it easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner. Lightweight and robust, Liekkiloukku® can take all kinds of loads and is easy to both install and earth.
Liekkiloukku® significantly improves the fire and occupational safety of transformer rooms – check with your insurance provider if your premiums can be lowered with Liekkiloukku®.