Prevent transformer fires

Extinguish transformer fires within 7 seconds

Liekkiloukku offers a rapid solution by extinguishing transformer fires within just a few seconds after ignition. With its innovative technology and quick response, Liekkiloukku enables firefighting personnel to promptly intervene and gain control over the situation. Liekkiloukku prevents the spread of the fire, thereby reducing the risk of escalation and extensive damage. Liekkiloukku is a valuable tool for ensuring fast and effective suppression of transformer fires, protecting the substation from serious harm.

How does the solution work in practice?

Liekkiloukku  captures burning fluid from transformers, halting the spread of fire to nearby areas. Its ability to manage and extinguish transformer fires makes it an innovative tool for enhancing transformer fire safety. By utilizing Liekkiloukku, the risk of extensive damage and losses in the event of a fire is reduced, ensuring the continuity and reliability of the transformers. By investing in Liekkiloukku, substations can improve their fire safety and mitigate potential economic losses while maintaining continuity of operations.

The Benefits of Liekkiloukku

Liekkiloukku is an innovative fire protection grid designed to structurally delay fires involving fluids associated with transformer fires. The fire protection also serves as a work and access platform compatible with the standard SFS-EN 14122. Liekkiloukku’s function is based on structural delay.

  • Liekkiloukku is a cost-effective way to enhance workplace safety and fire safety around transformers.
  • Liekkiloukku improves workplace safety by preventing slip and trip accidents as well as accidents caused by leaks.
  • Installation is quick and easy both in old and new locations and does not require interruptions in the use of the transformer.
  • Liekkiloukku is environmentally friendly and prevents potential environmental hazards caused by oil leaks from the transformer.