Passive fire protection

Liekkiloukku is not only a groundbreaking safety solution for transformers, but also a passive fire protection system. Once installed and grounded, it requires minimal maintenance and operates independently to protect transformers from fires. The passive nature of Liekkiloukku means that users do not need to actively monitor or intervene to keep their transformers safe from fire risks. Instead, Liekkiloukku remains ready to act when needed, and its effective grid structure reacts quickly to contain and extinguish the fire within seven seconds.

This passive function makes Liekkiloukku a reliable and cost-effective choice for companies and organizations looking to improve fire safety around their transformers.

  • Liekkiloukku® fire protection grids are used to extinguish burning fluids associated with transformers. The grid captures the burning fluid and extinguishes the fire within 7 seconds. Furthermore, the fire protection is built with anti-slip properties.
  • Liekkiloukku® has undergone extensive testing, including with transformer oil. This demonstrates that the fire protection system is reliable when it comes to extinguishing transformer fires.
  • Liekkiloukku® fire protection grids are built according to current standard specifications as a flat surface allowing water, snow, and any oil leaks to pass through to the collection tray below while extinguishing any fires and preventing them from spreading upward through the grid.